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Michelin Defender2 (H) 225/60R16 98H

Michelin Defender2 (H) 225/60R16 98H

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Michelin Defender2 225/60-16 98H Standard Touring All-Season Tire The Defender2 is Michelin's Standard Touring All-Season tire built for drivers of coupes, sedans, crossover, SUVs and minivans, looking for a dependable tire with reliable year-round traction. Defender2 tires are built to combine long, durable tread life with capable all-season performance in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow. The all-season compound is molded into a symmetric tread design allowing for flexible rotation patterns, helping manage block wear and maintain a smooth, quiet ride. Interconnected tread elements minimize airborne noise and help ensure a stable footprint for predictable handing in dynamic maneuvers. Wide, circumferential grooves provide ample pass-through volume and channel water from generous lateral notches for enhanced hydroplaning resistance. Carefully integrated lateral and longitudinal sipes help provide biting edges and grip on slippery pavement for confidence in inclement weather and wintry roads. Internal construction of the Defender2 consists of a single-ply casing with a high turn-up ply design to maintain durability while preserving ride comfort. Twin steel belts provide a robust foundation for the tread and are reinforced by a polyamide cap ply for stability at high speeds.

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